This short yet powerful film is intended to create awareness,

to make us look outside of ourselves, to look up from our phones,

to connect to each other as we should as human beings.
It is for those who suffer from depression

and feel disconnected, to inspire hope where there is none.
To remind us to  embrace our humanity, and lift others along this journey !!

Because life, is not just about you, but the lives you touch along the way.

I created this short, after 6 students committed suicide within the first 3 months

of the school year in 2017. In total,12 children took their lives.

Children represent the future, what does this say about our future?

Depression is reaching epidemic levels in our country,

it's time we take notice and take action.

The technology we created to keep us connected, has done just the opposite.

Instead it has created isolation, depression, cellphone addiction, and

a generation that doesn't know how to talk to each other.

It's time to look up and appreciate the people and all that life has to offer !!


Director: Launa Buettell/ Mainstream Music & Video

Stock music: Licensed Pond5

Stock video: Licensed



This made my
10 year old son
and I both cry!!


WOW! What a
powerful film!


Amazing how much
can be said in
just 2 minutes!
Absolutely hits the mark!



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